Gnats, Nats, and Another Pet Peeve

Since this is a blog mostly about bicycling, I feel compelled to report that this morning’s bike commute was the bees knees.  A real knee slapper (as long as you didn’t slap the bees on your knees, that is.) Perfect weather. A tailwind. Sunlight twinkling off the Potomac River.

The ride home was nice too. Except for one thing. Or maybe I should make that one million things. Gnats were everywhere. I was covered in the little black bugs. I kept wiping them off my arms. They flew into my eyes. Into my mouth. They were having a field day in my hair. I stopped and put my black arm warmers on just so I couldn’t see so many.

The ride home would have been nicer if the Nats had won their playoff game. They got clobbered.  They were down 8-0 by the time I stopped checking my iPhone during 6 hour meeting.  They need to win their next two games or they are finished for the season. For me it will feel like all those years living in New England and watching the Sawx annihilate other teams only to become doormats in October. (Oh, but don’t get me started about 2004. Sooooo sweeeeet!)

My left knee has a small bruise. I didn’t crash or anything. I went to the bathroom. For some reason the geniuses that renovated our building place the metal toilet paper dispenses right where your left knee is supposed to go. So you bang you knee then end up doing your business side saddle. I guess toilet paper dispenser installers don’t give a shit.

(Somebody had to say it. I couldn’t bear seeing it in the Comments.)

One thought on “Gnats, Nats, and Another Pet Peeve

  1. My teammate in Texas is a hyooge baseball fan and asked yesterday morning if I was excited about the game. "Which game?" I asked with mock innocence, "Dolphins versus Maple Leafs?"Here's hoping the Nats pull out the stops today.

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