Coffeeneuring #3: Cannons and Coffee

Other than a pretty nice bike commute in the dark, last night was a sports disaster.  Our high school football and volleyball teams lost casting a pall on homecoming.  After biking home in the dark, I leaerned that the Orioles had been eliminated from the baseball playoffs by the hated Yankees. (Okay, it was nice to see A-Rod moping in the dugout after being benched.) Then the Nationals who were ahead 6-0 when I turned on the game went down to defeat. Suddenly, it feels like Boston around here..

During the game I received a tweet asking if I was interesting in doing a coffeeneuring ride this weekend. I thought it was odd that an attractive young woman who lives 20 miles or so from my house and is at least 30 years younger than me would single me out for a cuppa joe. I mean she’s nice and we get along fine, but I’m not exactly in her demographic. Anyway,  I said I’d join her and told her to tweet me in the morning.

The morning broke cold, near freezing in fact. I wasn’t going anywhere until things warmed up a bit.  I tweeted back and forth who seemed oddly disinterested in my coffee shop recommendation.  Finally, she said that she had to wrote a paper and would take a rain check. All I could think of was, “Wasn’t this your idea?”

Then, I checked my Twitter history. In the chaos of the volleyball game, my brain had registered only Rachel‘s last name, Cannon, and the first initial of her first name. Robert Cannon who lives much closer and is also of the middle aged cohort had actually been the twitterer. (I’m not sure if that’s the correct noun, but “twit” could be misconstrued.)  So I tweeted Bob to no avail.

The sun was up and I had errands to run so off I rode on Big Nellie. I made it to the supermarket bank then backtracked to our local pastry stop for coffee and an eclair. I wanted a chocolate chip cookie but they didn’t have any. Fail. Well, the coffee was only so-so (if you want Swings coffee, go to Swings) but the eclair was pretty awesome.

I texted my friend Charmaine who was in my neck of the woods riding her Brompton with her friend Gordon.  We met up for a chat at a rest area on the Mount Vernon Trail. She and Gordon headed into Old Town Alexandria for lunch and I headed to the hardware store for more weekend fun.

I didn’t realize that coffeeneuring and the Twitterverse could be so confusing, but I remain undaunted in my pursuit of the Coffeeneuring Challenge.

Coffee, Eclair, Big Nellie and Appropriate Reading Material

Hollin Hall Pastry Shop with Big Nellie

ICWT (In Coffee We Trust).  

9 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring #3: Cannons and Coffee

  1. Yes, I am regularly referred to as a 'Twit' Yes, happens all the time, me getting confused with an attractive 20 year old woman. Hiked the Potomac instead – the rescue mutts are sound asleep on the couch.

  2. Hi John! Good meeting up with you on the trail on Saturday! šŸ™‚ Actually, the other Brompton rider's name is Gordon. šŸ™‚ We had a GREAT lunch at Fish Market and then a cupcake at Lavender Moon Cupcakery. I also showed him the area under the Wilson Bridge that you had shown me. šŸ™‚

  3. Hahahaha! This explains a lot, as I was also a little confused. I would actually have been happy to go riding with you (truth be told, I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with you), but I was in fact quite bogged down with homework…which I am sure was a lot less fun than coffeeneuring.This is also not the first time someone has confused me with Robert on Twitter.

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