Bike Commute 43: Tornado Watch!

What would a bike commute be like without a little adventure now and then? Before leaving the office, I received emails from Alexandria and Fairfax County advising that those jurisdictions were under a tornado watch this evening. Guess where most of my commute is: Alexandria and Fairfax County. Everything looked a bit cloudy but otherwise unremarkable until I passed under the Beltway. This picture was taken on the Washington Street deck on top of the outer loop of the Beltway. I was about to go left, into the belly of the beast.

Other than a strong headwind and a few sprinkles that turned into light rain, the weather was unremarkable, In fact, had I not received the emails, I doubt I would have realized that severe weather was nearby. About a mile from home there were a couple of rumbles of thunder but nothing to worry about ordinarily.

after arriving at home, I put the Sequoia away and went inside the house and then the storm hit. Heavy rain, wind, probably some hail. I turned on the television to see ominous Doppler radar images. The storm that was raging outside had spawned a tornado that touched down near Quantico about 30 miles south. And perhaps another tornado hat touched down near Woodbridge, 20 miles to the south.

What are the three most important words in bike commuting? Location, location, location,.

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