Drive to Work Day

As most of you know, one of the things that brings a little joy to my life is the simple act of riding my bike to work on a regular basis.  As of about two weeks ago, I had racked up 46 bike commutes this year.  Then my wife was run over by an SUV and life changed.  You can only imagine what she’s been through the last two weeks. So I guess I shouldn’t complain.

One day a year I get to participate in Bike to Work Day.  I don’t volunteer or act as a guide. I’m just a face in the crowd who gets off on seeing so many folks enjoy the sounds and sights of riding to work along the Potomac River. Of course, it helps that I get snarf a bagel and drink some java at Freedom Plaza near work.  And I get my t-shirt. I have a rainbow of Bike to Work Day t-shirts (2 shades of green, yellow, red, white, and blue), but I won’t be at Freedom Plaza getting my purple one this year. I’ll be driving my daughter to school instead. Thanks to a careless idiot in an SUV.

So for those of you who are riding to work tomorrow, go ahead and eat an extra bagel or drink a second cuppa joe.  I will be watching you all from behind the wheel. Be nice. Have fun. I know you will.  Smile and wave as you pass.  At least one driver will be waving and smiling back.

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