Air Conditioned Bike Commute

The last couple of days has been nasty hot here in the DC area.  About half way into my ride home, I get the chance to cool off by riding through an old tunnel in Old Town Alexandria.  The Wilkes Street tunnel is only about 100 yards long but it is easily 10 degrees cooler inside. It’s just enough to take the edge off. As I rode through tonight, I heard a voice talking all around me.  It was an approaching cyclists taking on his cell phone.  The acoustics reminded me of the sound tricks at the Maparium at the Christian Science Mother Church in Boston.  You really should seek it out.  I walked in one side of the glass globe and my friend Steve walked in the other.  As he talked, facing me from 30 feet away, I heard his voice clear as a bell coming from behind me.

The best part about today’s bike commute is that it was on a Friday. Tomorrow I get to do some real riding out in the country.  That should be cool.

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