Little Nellie and Big Red

I typically complain in late October that the fall foliage is underwhelming.  I did so this year and, boy, was I wrong.  This has really been a superb year for fall colors.  Other than a freak snowstorm, we’ve had fairly calm weather with light winds.  That means the leaves hang in there a lot longer than normal.  This week leaves are finally letting go and floating to the ground but a few trees are holding out for a few more days.

On my ride to work this morning I saw one tree after another putting on a show along the Mount Vernon trail. Little Nellie finally made me stop and take a picture.  She posed with her friend Big Red with the Washington Monument in the background across the Potomac. 

In about a week the show will be over and we will be left to deal with bare trees, cold winds and gray skies.   If you look closely, you can see some trees on the far river bank. They are cherry trees. Come April they will be putting on a show of their own. I can’t wait.

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