Books Out the Wazoo

I woke up early on Christmas morning. The rest of the Rootchoppers remained snug in their beds. After reading the paper, I wrapped myself in a Snuggie and fell fast asleep. In the late morning, my impish 16-year-old daughter ordered me to wake up so that the festivities could begin.  Santa put a nice pair of Smartwool cycling socks in my stocking.  I also dug out two little disks which are synthetic towels, each compressed into the size of a silver dollar. Ingenious. These should come in handy someday. To add to the cycling theme there were two small squeeze packs of Chamois Butt’r.  My posterior thanks you Mr. Claus. The rest of the stocking contained essential cycling food (chocolate!!!).

After the preliminaries were over, we moved to the presents under the tree. One of my presents was a nice new pair of cycling tights.  These are necessary since I own only 2 pair and they are so old, they are becoming translucent.  Not a whole lot of help on a cold winter morning, I’m afraid.  My second cycling gift was a pair of lobster gloves.  Instead of regular gloves which have four fingers and a thumb, lobster gloves have two fingers.  Pairing the pinkie and ring finger and the index and middle fingers keeps your hands much warmer. They are especially useful when temperatures fall below 30 degrees F.  I had one pair that were made of soft fabric and I wore them, literally, to pieces. The other pair of lobster gloves I already have are warm but they are made of rough fabric than can feel like sandpaper when I touch my face. 

Amazon.Com Must Love Me

When I’m not biking and blogging, I like to read in my spare time.  This has not been a big year for reading (too much blogging, biking, high school sports, and home health care) so I asked for a few books for Christmas. Of course, I only received one that I asked for. The rest were creative improvisations from Mrs. Rootchopper (and quite good ones at that).  In keeping with the cycling theme, Mrs. Rootchopper’s brother and his family gave me the Bike Snob book.  Brilliant move guys!  The remaining books are tomes!  They should keep me busy for weeks and weeks.

Now all I need is a nasty snow storm so I can read all these books on Big Nellie (on a new resistance trainer in the basement).  Meanwhile Little Nellie continues her march toward 7,000 miles – a goal she should reach in two or three weeks.

With all the excitement of the day, I never got around to riding.  I did manage to squeeze in some aerobic Christmas cookie munching though.  


One thought on “Books Out the Wazoo

  1. Translucent cycling tights are to be avoided at all costs, I would think. I highly commend Bike Snob's book and will be interested in your thoughts after reading it.

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