Creak, Squeak, Groan, Click

The Sequoia has the withers.  It is fading away day by day, pedal stroke by pedal stroke.  I rode to work in near-60-degree weather with a nice tailwind.  The Sequoia acted like a horse being reined in.  And the pedals clicked and the bike squeaked. 

The ride home began in 70 degree weather into a strong headwind. I had so much weight on my bike I was pretty sure I would be staying rubber side down. (A 925 page novel was in one of my rear panniers. No ebooks for me.)  All the way home the bike seemed to resist rolling. The pedals clicked and occasionally caught.  Further.

As I went under the railroad bridge across from East Potomac Park a man rode past me with a toddler in a seat in front of him.  I felt utterly pathetic.  10 miles per hour into the gale.

Dad and Toddler on Cool Bike

As I made the bend on Gravelley Point there was the man and the toddler.  I pulled over to admire the bike set up.  This little girl had nice high perch in front of dad.  They could talk as he pedaled.  She was protected from the wind by a small fairing with an apron hanging from the bottom.  Very cool set up.  I took a picture of the bike with the toddler on it.  Then I took a picture of the bike and saw wires.  It had an electric motor.  That’s how he rode by me so fast.

Electric Dad Bike

After a brief chat I left as a plane came in low as approached the runway.   It never gets old.  I’ve been watching planes land and take off since I was a little kid sitting in my family’s Ford Country Squire station wagon at Albany Airport.  Way ahead of Wayne Campbell.

The right pedal caught several times on the way home but I managed to free it up.  By the time I arrived home it felt like it was going to disintegrate.  I took the bike into the shed and checked it out for the other noises.  As I stood over the bike, I could hear squeaks.  I looked left and right. More squeaks.  The bike wasn’t moving. Then I realized that the noises were coming from my helmet!  Doh.

Since I was checking the bike out anyway, I sprayed lube into the pedals (aren’t they supposed to be sealed?) and on the dolly wheels of the rear derailler.  Then I cleaned the chain using my old t-shirt and citrus cleaner method. Added some Pedro’s Ice Wax and quiet was restored for now.

I suspect that the groaning noise I am hearing is the read axle which needs to be overhauled or replaced. That I will do whenever Mavic decides to ship my rim.  It’s been on order for a month.  I suspect this is why Germany invaded them twice in the 20th Century.  Ich vant mien velo parts!!! 

I’m getting some new pedals tonight. 

Eventually, the Sequoia will be restored to its youthful glory.  I hope. 

4 thoughts on “Creak, Squeak, Groan, Click

  1. Oh my gosh, that wind was incredible. Before I left work, I noticed a wind advisory for Loudoun. The wind was ~supposed~ to be coming from the south and west. Since I ride home north and east, I figured I'd be sailing along with hardly a care in the world. And true enough, the ride north toward the W&OD was the fastest I've ever ridden on that stretch of road. The east-bound trail trip was a completely different story. When I wasn't being blown backwards, I was being blown sideways into the other lane. It's a good thing I wasn't on the Dolce; I would have flown off the trail completely!What was making your helmet squeak?

  2. I love your blog posts. The wind is such a jerk. 🙂 At least you recovered somewhat from the demoralization of being passed like you were standing still by discovering the bike was electric. I always smile when I see parents with kid seats on their bike.

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