My Blog’s New Home

After nearly a year over on Blogger, I reached my memory limit. That means I can’t add photos to my blog without paying Google for the privilege. Since I am not a fan of Google’s attempts to assimilate me into their Borg-like universe of other products, I’ve decided to move my blatherings over here to WordPress. It’s a bit overwhelming but in time I should have some content up. Stay tuned.

Oh, and if you just stumbled on me here, you can read my old stuff over there.

13 thoughts on “My Blog’s New Home

    1. Basically you set up an account and then go into the “Tools” menu and select “Import”. Then you select “Blogger” and with one click and a few minutes your Blog migrates over. The only thing that didn’t migrate is my list of blogs I follow. Also, my reading list only includes WordPress blogs, so I have to figure out how to get wonderful other blogs (like Ultrarunnergirl) added.

  1. Welcome to WordPress! I kind of like WP better than Blogger myself.
    You will eventually run out of memory here, too, so you may want to link to your Flickr photos instead to save space– there’s a way to display photos from Flickr so that they’re hosted over there instead of WordPress. Just a thought.

  2. Cute. Hadnt ever seen that blogger limit. You can always just put your photos somewhere else and embed them on blogger. I just tested and confirmed this works at (this is a dummy blog I use for some sorting purposes). Lets see if I can get the code through the comment process. The code is: where URL is the full domain name address of the picture. You can also give it properties like ALIGN=”RIGHT” or control the width and height.

    WordPress is far more popular than Blogger.

    1. Yeah, I know that now. I wish I had known it at the start. Oh well. Once I get WordPress sorted out, I’ll be posting my usual nonsense with reckless abandon once again. Ironically, I haven’t been taking many pix because it’s dark outside when I commute.

      1. Easy way to embed photos from Flickr: Click on the photo you want to add to the blog post– click on the Share button. Either set up your WordPress account to be connected with your Flickr, or grab the HTML code and paste to your blog post. Publish post. Easy peasy.

  3. Yeah, the code did not come through. Lets try again:
    ANGLE BRACKET OPEN – IMG SRC=”URL” ANGLE BRACKET CLOSED I can show you – or email you the code if you want. But again, WordPress is very popular.

  4. Hi, I’m hoping you’ll keep us posted on the good, bad and indifferent of the changeover, and of the two platforms, also. My blogspot photos are on Picasa, and it looks as if I have a lot of space left. But judging from the number of blog-buddies who have used up their allotment, there is something about it that I don’t understand. Also, WordPress seems more flexible.

    What happens to the links in other sites to you, I assume they need to be remade?

    Have fun on wordpress!

    1. It’s a reasonably big limit. I hit it because I was uploading bunches of pix. These pix get uploaded (unbeknownst to me) to Picasa which has a storage limit.

      In any case, WordPress seems to have a bigger storage allowance. And I will be careful not to post a lot of pix to the blog. I will refer readers to my Flickr page for a full set of pix.

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