DNR – Old

Last year the coach of the San Antonio Spurs did not play their aging power forward Tim Duncan in a regular season game. Next to his name in the box score was this: DNP-Old. DNP means did not play.

Today I woke up in a haze. After doing my morning routine of back exercises and eating breakfast, I decided to eschew my morning bike ride to work. I grabbed a couple of CDs and drove. 

Today’s box score reads:

Rootchopper: DNR – Old

I haven’t driven to work for the hell of it more than a handful of times in the past year.

So I gave myself a bike commuting vacation.

I end 2012 with 162 bike commutes (I am working from home on Monday.)

2 thoughts on “DNR – Old

    1. I didn’t think it was meeting but a few people went.

      The drive into work was very quick, only about 20-25 minutes. It might even be light out when I get home tonight. That’ll be weird.

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