I Go, Hugo, We All Go

I was up all night. It happens sometimes. I started to think about a paper I will be writing at work in a few weeks. I mapped out the whole thing in my head. This took the better part of the 3 a.m. hour. I was back to sleep only to be stabbed in the ear by my alarm clock. Big, glowing 6:00.

I was out of the house by 6:35. It was still dark but I wanted to get to Coffee Club with enough time to hang out. The ride to DC was automatic. I rode past the review stand for the innaugural parade on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House. Everytime I see the White House or the Capitol, I have to shake my head. This is such a cool place to live.

There was a decent crowd at Swings for Coffee Club. I like talking to big people but I love talking to babies. Jacques walked in with his baby, Hugo. This child broke the cute-o-meter on my camera. Jacques is one proud papa. Hugo is so calm and good natured.

Jacques and Hugo

Jacques had fun raising him up above his head. Hugo was having a blast. Felkerino took Hugo for a minute or two. Hugo decided that Felkerino’s head was a play toy. Does this ear come off? Nope.

Hugo pulls Ed's ear off

Then Hugo decided to share his breakfast with Felkerino. I do believe that jacket is waterproof, Felkerino.

Hugo's breakfast on Ed's jacket

After fun with babies, I headed off to the office. I made it almost all the way across the TR Bridge without having to stop for inbound cyclists. Then two appeared. Drat. I do hope that the next renovation of this bridge includes a wider side path.

I left work a few minutes later than usual. It was still light out. Daylight makes me sound like Marv Alpert. Yesss!  I checked the Interwebs and learned that in early January we pick up about 1 minute of daylight everyday. By the end of January we will be picking up 2 minutes of daylight per day. All told, January 31 has 45 minutes more daylight than New Years Day. Please, please, please get here quickly.

Big Nellie carried me to work all three days this week (I worked from home on Monday). We are getting along great these days.

The Mule is in need of some TLC. I recently bought some brake pads for The Mule. It was warm enough outside to do bike maintenance so I put the pads on. It took me about 20 minutes, about half the time it took the last time I installed pads. I am actually going up the bike maintenance learning curve.

The Mule’s chain has seen it’s better days. I took the bike on the car rack to Spokes Etc. Belle Haven store to drop it off. I told the mechanic I wanted a new cassette, a new chain, two new sprockets and new bar tape. He told me that my chain rings looked fine. So we dropped the chainrings from the work.

Then he asked me if I could wait. 20 minutes later I rolled The Mule out of the shop with its new chain, cassette and bar tape. Lesson learned. January is a great time to get work done on your bike! Thanks, Colin!

Spoke’s Belle Haven store has been a godsend for me, especially back when I had only one bike. I’d roll in on the way home from work and they’d make adjustments and do minor repairs while I waited. They still do. A bike commuter’s best friend is his local bike shop.

Time to go.

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