Smashed and Trashed

On Sunday and Monday nights I probably slept 3 hours combine. Last night I was eager to saw logs when a little after ten p.m. my phone rang. It was my son calling to tell be that someone had put a rock through his car window. I was up until nearly 2 a.m.

A Smashing Evening

My alarm went off at 6. I really wanted to stay in bed. I really didn’t. I was out of the house after arranging for the car to be repaired. I was out of the house only ten minutes later than usual.  The ride in was a zombie slog. Cold, rainy, foggy. I hate living in Seattle even when I don’t.

The ride home was Slog II: The Sequel. It was just like riding in only backwards. Sort of. I zoned out again. I don’t remember anything from the last 8 miles.

I am so tired I could cry. Maybe I will. Then I will go to bed.

2 thoughts on “Smashed and Trashed

  1. So sorry to hear. Happy to help if we can – let me know. Amazingly through it all, you’re still witty and eloquent, whereas most of us would be on the floor “blurgh blurgh blurgh.” Kudos! And I hope things improve. 3-day weekend to rest and catch up?

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