My Other Car Is a Bike

Sadly, the roads and the Mount Vernon Trail were still plenty icy today. I drove to work aboard the Millennium Falcon.  That would be a Mitsubishi Lancer.  It’s a small car with no pick up, but it gets the job done. Traffic was very light since the Federal Government allowed its workforce to telecommute because of an approaching snow storm.  The light traffic allowed me to check out the Belle Haven bald eagle nest and I am happy to report that there were two bald eagles in the tree. I hope they stay and mate. Watching eaglets grow would be such a cool addition to my bike commutes.

I zoned out while driving slowly to Rosslyn, so slowly that I missed one of my turns and had to drive all the way around Arlington Cemetery.  The traffic was so light that it only took me an extra minute or two.

I drove home at the peak of the storm. It’s hard to explain the ferocity of this winter event. Visibility was down to a mile or two. What a pathetic excuse for a storm.

My left arm and knee are still sore after yesterday’s crash. I think I will take it easy this weekend, do my taxes, and have another glass of merlot.

It’s tasty.


5 thoughts on “My Other Car Is a Bike

  1. Well said. Hope the soreness wears off soon, and now you’ve made me want to check out that nest. Any tips for finding it?

    1. Take the MVT about 1/4 miles south of the beltway. Look across the GW Parkway. There’s a creek with trees along it between the Parkway and the Belle Haven golf course. In one of those trees is a seriously big nest. That’s it. The eagles, when they are around, are usually perched in the tree. About 3 miles further south is what I call the Morningside nest. This one’s harder to find but it’s closer to the MVT on the river side of the trail. It appears that the nest is either damaged or being expanded. There are sticks in a crotch about 3 feet below this nest. I know of two more along the MVT. One is at Fort Hunt and the other is at the creek crossing one mile before Mount Vernon. They are all easier to spot before the trees get all their leaves.

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