Off the Bike

I drove to work today in anticipation of an icy Mount Vernon Trail. The ice didn’t materialize, but I was thankful for the rest.

Each time I write one of these blog posts I realize that I left something out. Yesterday, I was passed for the second evening in a row by a man on an electric assist bike. I was cruising along with a tailwind on Big Nellie. I must have been going around 20 miles per hour when I saw him in my mirror. I slowed to 15 and he closed the 100 yard gap between us in no time. He had to be going at least 20 miles per hour. He was pedaling but I think the motor was doing the heavy lifting. I am just so impressed by these electric bikes. I can’t believe more people don’t use them.

Another thing I have been seeing a lot of lately is Canada geese. They must be migrating north. I’ve never seen so many. It’s like goosestock out there. I imagine that it will be a big problem if they stick around. It would be great to see lots and lost of goslings. Unfortunately, there would also be lots and lots of geese poo.

I spotted a bald eagle at the Belle Haven nest. It just doesn’t look as imposing from behind the wheel.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain for most of the day. Nothing says February like cold rain. February in DC is like April in Boston. When I lived in Boston, April would drive me mad. The sidewalks still were icy. The snow was melting and the T buses would splash all that snow and grime on you as they drove by. Once it all went away it was time to take exams. Why do so many college kids go to school up north?

The only redeeming thing about driving a car to work is car tunage. I listened to Mark Knopfler’s Sailing to Philadelphia and the BoDeans Indigo Dreams today. I put 30 miles on the car. The car is getting so little use it’s going to get rumatoid carthritis.

Did you know that today is National Marquerita Day?

Now you do.

Who decides such things anyway?


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