Adios April by the Numbers

Despite not bike commuting nearly as often as normal, I managed to bang out a pretty respectable month. I rode 647.5 miles with 12 bike commutes. Little Nellie, my New World Tourist Bike Friday, did the heavy lifting with 9 commutes and 558.5 miles total, including 70, 50.5 and 46 mile mile weekend rides. Big Nellie, my Easy Racers Tour Easy recumbent, took most of the month off with only 29 miles from a single commute. The Mule finally saw some action with 2 commutes worth 60 miles.

For the year I stand at 2162 miles and 55 commutes.

I am expecting to lose a few more bike commutes. A couple next week as a result of my daughter’s two lacrosse games in Potomac. I also have a business trip that will pick off two commutes. And I may lose another day or two fetching my son from college. I plan on riding the remaining days, lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise.




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