The Mule Turns 33

The Mule Turns 33 by Rootchopper
The Mule Turns 33, a photo by Rootchopper on Flickr.

Another perfect weather day made for splendid riding. I hit Friday Coffee Club and chatted with Brian Sassoon, Nancy “Two in a Row” Duley, Pappa Kid O, Jesse Seattle, Kristin McMurdo, and Ultra Kirstin. Work was crazy busy. My reward was more fantastic weather and a bike ride home. On the way, I watched as two Capital Bikeshare riders squared off in a bike rage incident. (My CaBi’s faster than yours. No, it’s not! FIGHT.) In a stereotype gone bad, one of the two young Asian men started kick fighting. The kick was a sloppy roundhouse one, so bad that I almost stopped to mock him. But Friday night is not alright for fighting, so The Mule took me home to ponder the first bike rage fight I’ve seen in over decade of bike commuting on the Mount Vernon Trail.

Via Flickr:
The odometer on The Mule my 20+ year-old Specialized Sequoia turned 33,000 miles today on the way home from work.

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