The 8th Day of Furloughmas: Coffeeneuring in Alexandria

Today marked the 8th day of the federal government shut down. As much as not working is starting to get to me, seeing my 401K take a major hit from all this budget gridlock is really starting to piss me off.  Time for a cold Yuengling.

This morning began with a quick trip to the drug store for asthma meds. I took The Mule. I like the little strip mall in Hollin Hall but I do wish they’d add some decent bike parking. Yet another reason why cycling in Fairfax County is a pain.

After watching the HVAC folks put a new humidifier on my furnace, I took Big Nellie out for a Coffeeneuring run to Buzz at the north end of Old Town Alexandria. The riding was slow as my leg muscles are still a little sore from this weekend’s riding. I had a medium house blend and a cinnamon muffin. The coffee was nothing to write home about but it carried a caffeine wallop. The cinnamon bun looked far better than it tasted. It was surprisingly chewy and flavorless.

Getting my Buzz on.
Getting my Buzz on.

In anticipation of picking up the Millennium Falcon (our Mitsubishi Lancer) from the body shop, I headed home. The tailwind was nice. The flat rear tire wasn’t. I put a Panaracer Pasella tire on a month or so ago. It is supposed to have a Kevlar belt in it. They must have skipped that step because a small piece of glass cut right through the tire. Re-installing a tire on the Tour Easy is something of a struggle. As I was getting the chain onto the cassette, the bike flopped over breaking the mirror in the process. Then I learned that the neoprene grommet that holds the head of my pump onto the tire valve stem was not gripping the valve properly. And the rear brake was rubbing. If I had a gun, I’d have shot the damn thing right then and there!

Lacking firearms, I rode to Wheel Nuts bike shop about a half mile away and used their floor pump and bought a new mirror. I rode to City Hall and decided to prop the bike up on the low wall of a planter and work on my rubbing brake. After 15 minutes I got the tire rotating freely, but now the brakes squeal.

The tailwind helped make the ride home quite pleasant. When I got there I learned that the car would not be ready until tomorrow.  Something tells me this is just not my day. To reward myself for the little frustrations of the day, I did some online shopping, including ordering replacement parts for my pump.

Shopping is almost as therapeutic as drinking a cold beer or going for a bike ride. I’ve already done the latter so I do believe I’ll do the former now.

Ahhhh. Hits the spot.

Coffeeneuring No. 3: Buzz in Alexandria

Drink: House roast. Not the best but it gave me a buzz

Eats: Cinnamon bun. Meh

Miles:17.5  (not counting the 2.5 ride to the drug store)

Observations: You can have a tire that gives a nice ride or a tire that won’t easily puncture but you can’t have both. Skar was right. Life’s not fair.

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