Two Reasons to Bike Commute

It was the first cold bike commute of the year. 40 degrees is plenty cold enough for me. I was warmed up in a mile and the tailwind made the transition to true autumn weather a breeze (sorry). I stopped along the river to admire the sunrise. Reason number one to bike commute.

The ride home was warmer but the headwind was not a lot of fun. As I was climbing out from under the Woodrow Wilson Bridge I heard a SMASH. When I reached South Washington Street I saw the car with its front left side all smashed in. Reason number two to bike commute.

Tomorrow I will be helping the Washington Area Bicycling Association sign up new members on the Mount Vernon Trail at the 14th Street Bridge. Stop by, say hello, set a spell. And become a member. It’s like a cult only more better.

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