Big Nellie and Me

Big Nellie and Me by Rootchopper
Big Nellie and Me, a photo by Rootchopper on Flickr.

I found out that I need to take Monday off from work. Normally, I’d just email my boss and do the paperwork later, but this might be a problem since the admin staff is short this week. As it turns out it was 70 degrees outside on the winter solstice so I couldn’t pass up the chance to do a bike commute on the weekend. Big Nellie and i enjoyed a steady tailwind all the way to Rosslyn. This meant that the ride home would be a struggle. And it was. A little over 2 miles from home I was passed by Charmaine going the other way on the Mount Vernon Trail. We used to ride together all the time until she moved a few years ago. We stopped and chatted for a good 1/2 hour. Then she took this picture of Big Nellie and me and we rode off in opposite directions, racing the fast approaching dusk.

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