2013: Set No Goals. Exceeded Them All

As the title says, I set no goals for myself this year. Not a one. So what happened? I rode farther and more often than ever before. My total mileage for the year was 8,087. I surprised myself since I had discovered that I had messed up my records in the spring and had several hundred miles more than I thought.

I rode to work 185 times, which accounted for 5,476.5 miles, 2/3rds of the total. My commuting weapon of choice was Big Nellie, my Tour Easy long wheelbase recumbent. I rode her 95 times to work which is surprising since I had pushed Big Nellie to the back of the stable for most of the last three years. I rode Little Nellie, my Bike Friday New World Tourist, 47 times. The balance was on The Mule, my now 20-year old Specialized Sequoia. Combined these three bikes have over 80,000 miles on them. None of them creak. (Yet.)

My biggest mileage month, 919 miles, was October when I did a bunch of recreational rides during the government shutdown. My shortest month was March, 434 miles. I spent a good deal of time checking out colleges with my daughter. 

My longest ride of the year, 109.5 miles, was a jaunt in early July aboard Big Nellie from my home in Mount Vernon Virginia to Purcelville Virginia to get a hot dog at Haute Dogs and Fries. I did two other centuries during the year, The first was in early May when I rode The Mule 100.5 miles from the DC Washington Monument to the Baltimore Washington Monument. This was a particularly difficult ride because I had some kind of chest cold that made breathing really difficult. I missed riding a Populaire ride in the spring so I obtained the cue sheet and did it a short while later aboard Big Nellie. The ride was to and from home and Hyattstown Maryland (near Damascus if that helps) for a total of 107 miles. 

Most of my commutes were solo affairs, but I was joined now and then by Reba, Ed, Kirk, Kelly, and Nancy.  Thanks for the company.

Off the bike I dipped my toe into the bike advocacy waters. I attended a couple of public meetings and signed people up for memberships in the Washington Area Bicyclists Association (WABA). I lucked out and managed to pick the busiest spot and won first prize in the membership contest. Woo hoo.

In addition to the centuries, I did a whole bunch of event rides. Fifty States, Backroads, Great Pumpkin, Bike to Work Day, Vasa, Cider Ride, and Southern Maryland. The best part of which was all the great people who rode with me or kept me fed and watered at the rest stops or entertained at Friday Coffee Club. So at the risk of leaving some people out, thanks to the original Friday Coffee Club (Ed and Mary, Brian, and Lisa), Mike and Lisa, Jacques and Hugo, Dave and Jean and Kid O, Jon and his girls,  Alex and Chris (don’t leave us), Jeff, Justin, Ryan, Crafty John and Kate, Kristen (and family) and Elizabeth, Kirstin and Tom, Lawyer Mike, Not-lawyer Michael, Mikey, Pete, Dana, Darren, Tony, Kevin, Aaron, Kathy L., Bob (Don’t Call Me Rachel) Cannon, Rachel (Don’t Call Me Bob) Cannon and Kate and Katie Ann, Jeremy (Don’t Call Me, I’m Sleeping) Cannon, Chris N., State Certifried Chris, Chris and Katie, Kate and Kermit, Adam and Crystal (come back), Lauren (stay for a ride next time), Adam (you, too), Liz and the Mechanic, Ted and Jean, Pink Pete, Peter, Lane, Ricky, Lolly, Greg and Nelle, Megan and Katie, and Charmaine (and Nancy on a bike!). 

Since this year went so well without goals, I’m doing the same for 2014.  Sounds like a plan.

3 thoughts on “2013: Set No Goals. Exceeded Them All

  1. Congratulations on your big year of riding! I’m not going to quibble about whether one can exceed goals that have not been set. 🙂 You did well, Rootchopper! !

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