Back Out, Day 14

This is getting old.

I wake up in the morning and feel fine. Then within minutes my back starts to stiffen up. My lower back just below my left kidney feels like someone hit it with a baseball bat. I also have what feels like a hip pointer and soreness outside my knee on my left side. This hip and leg problem is probably iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome, a tightness in the tissue that runs from above the hip (and just below the soreness in my back) down the outside of the leg where it re-attaches to bone below the knee. It’s probably caused by my having to compensate for the awkward posture that the stiffness brings. ITB is an old acquaintance. I wish I could de-friend it but it keeps coming back.

I have noticed that a little movement seems to loosen things up so I walked  2 1/2 miles today. I had a pronounced limp but I got where I set out to go. (I bought a couple of Powerball tickets because nothing says “Who cares about back problems?” quite like $400 million.) My ITB wasn’t thrilled but at least my little excursion got me out of the house. When I arrived back home I was just as stiff as when I left.

Then I went into the basement and rode Big Nellie very gently for an hour. Usually, this loosens my back but, if anything, it made it stiffer. Even the recumbent gods are messing with me.

It’s pretty damned frustrating. I watch all these Olympic athletes schussing and skating and such and all I can think is “F%^K YEEEWWWWW”. 

I’m not bitter.

Things could be worse, of course. I could have cancer, which reminds me that I find out about my skin biopsy on Wednesday. Or maybe, I could have senile dementia.

Where was I?  

Oh yes. I was wallowing in self pity. 

The only upside to this last two weeks is the fact that it’s been pretty lousy bike commuting weather. And since last week’s snow storm the Mount Vernon Trail has been impassible, making bike commuting impossible. This will change by Wednesday or Thursday when temperatures will rise into the 50s and, maybe, 60s. 

Then this back thing will really be getting old.

4 thoughts on “Back Out, Day 14

  1. I’m sorry your back continues to bother you. I hope it gets better very soon.

    Have you considered doing yoga? I keep hearing about stretching the IT bands in classes I’ve taken.

    1. I do yoga-based exercises every day. Some are borrowed from Richard Hittelman’s yoga book, some from physical therapists. Shoulder stands are very relaxing. Getting into a shoulder stand, not so much.
      Just added a couple of exercises to stretch my hip flexors.
      I guess it’s time to start targeting the ITBs now.
      It’s extra frustrating since my last ride (with Ted) was effortless.

  2. Oh no, not good! Hopefully it clears up soon. Injuries, grrr! AND I hope you win the lottery… you can buy a round at Friday Coffee Club :).

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