Back Out, Day 16: Nearly There

I kept to my new program. Morning stretching. Short walks every hour. An unintentionally long walk (where the heck is that bank?) at lunch. Fifty-six minutes of easy pedaling on Big Nellie in the basement.

I am nearly there. The bad: My left calf is really tight. My back stiffens up whenever I sit. Reaching high is not a lot of fun. The good: I can feel my legs getting stronger, probably the result of getting normal range of motion and mechanics back. 

During the day, my friend Charmaine suggested that we do a series of rides down in coastal North Carolina in early April. I do believe I’m going to give it a go. I’ll wait a couple of days so as not to jinx my back.

Since I have a dermatology appointment tomorrow, I will drive to work, passing up what is sure to be a 60-degree bike commute. My fingers are crossed that my skin biopsy is clear. Otherwise they’ll have to cut the little bastard off my head. Which raises the question, if it might be cancer, why not cut it off at the start, then do the tests? 

Speaking of cancer, I just finished reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It’ a teen novel about kids with cancer. It’s pretty heavy for a kid’s book and pretty damned brilliant. 

It’s hard to get down about 2+ weeks of back spasms after reading it. 

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