The Mule’s Not a Fool

The Mule's Not a Fool by Rootchopper
The Mule’s Not a Fool, a photo by Rootchopper on Flickr.

Today was my first bike commute since I threw out my back about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I had a big, stupid smile on my face the whole way in and the whole way home. Even encountering four icy sections of the Mount Vernon Trail didn’t dampen my enthusiasm. It helped a lot that I was riding in daylight all the way to work and most of the way home. Commuting with sunshine, what a concept!

Another surprise was how noisy my commute was. Migratory birds are back in force and they are chirping up a storm. I was serenaded by redwing blackbirds, cardinals,and blue jays all the way to work.

Admittedly I was taking a gamble this morning. My back is not 100 percent. It still feels like somebody whacked it with a baseball bat. And it stiffened whenever I sat during the morning. The four dismounts during the morning commute were rather unpleasant. (Please don’t go out! Please don’t go out!)

I tweeted about the stiffness and was offered a suggestion by Kirstin (@ultyrarunnergirl) my friend in bikes and coffee. She suggested doing yoga back bends. I googled it and saw some impossible limber skinny people doing contortions that demonstrate that aliens walk among us. But I gave it a try.

Damned it it didn’t offer relief! So every now and then throughout the day, I gave my back a bend. In my office. In an elevator. In the bathroom. Ahhh!

This evening, Mrs. Rootchopper, who has been doing yoga since college, showed me how to extend the stretch. She’s a bit of a yoga freak. She did head stands when she was 6 months pregnant. She started with a back bend. She went back pretty far. She bent forward as if to re-load. Then she went waaaay back. Dang. I married a space alien.

So I now have a new exercise to add to my morning routine. Once I get this down, I’ll be integrating some twisting yoga moves.

For now, I am just absolutely slap happy that I can ride to work again.

See you at Friday Coffee Club #bikedc!

3 thoughts on “The Mule’s Not a Fool

  1. HOOORAY for improvement!!
    I, like so many runners, was a closet yoga-hater. Until a bulging disc led me to Bikram. Now I am a believer. Even a little goes a long way toward fixing …. everything.
    So good to see you at FCC this morning!

  2. Very happy to hear that yoga helped. To really treat yourself, you might find a restorative class at a yoga studio. Tell the teacher about your back and request some backbends. You won’t regret it. I wish I had the guts to commute from Bethesda to Alexandria in the dark. It’s just a matter of weeks until I might start commuting by bike again.

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