Good Riddence February

February was a month I’d just as soon forget. I spent most of it with my back all messed up. As March begins, my back is almost back to normal.

Somehow, bad back and all, I managed to ride 353.5 miles. I rode to work only six times. Five of these commutes, totaling 150 miles, were on The Mule. The other 6.5 came on Little Nellie on a commute to and from the car dealer. I rode an estimated 63 miles during 4 rides on Big Nellie on the trainer in the basement. The remaining mileage was from seven rides on The Mule.

So far this year, I’ve ridden to work only 16 times. My total mileage for the year is 809.5. I’m way off last year’s pace but that will all change assuming my back heals properly.

My yoga plan has hit a snag. I can’t for the life of me do one of the poses in the book. (I’m pretty sure the woman pictured in the book is not human.) So I skipped yesterday. Today I did the same set of poses I did last Wednesday.

March is here. It’s almost 40 degrees outside. That’s more than 10 degrees below normal but way better than yesterday’s freeze-a-thon. So I’m jumping on Little Nellie and going to the bank.

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