Errandonnee Challenge Control Sheet

Errand #1: Drug Store
Date: March 7
Category: Personal Care and Health (#1)
Distance: 3 miles
Observation: It didn’t occur to me that picking up drugs on a bike called The Mule might be regarded as suspicious by law enforcement. I hope the DEA doesn’t come knocking at my door tonight!


Errand #2: Bank
Date: March 8
Category: Store Other Than a Grocery Store (#1)
Distance: 6 miles
Observation: Mobile banking the old school way.


Errand #3: Haute Dogs and Fries
Date: March 8
Category: Lunch (#1)
Distance: 1 mile
Observation: If you call hot dogs, Haute Dogs shouldn’t you call all in on the French and call them Hautes Chiens? Mais oui.


Errand #4: Used Book Store
Date: March 8
Category: Store Other Than a Grocery Store (#2)
Distance: 9 miles
Observation: If I lived close to Carpe Librum, it would make sense to just move in. What a find! Thanks, Rachel.


Errand #5: Car Dealer
Date: March 10
Category: Wild Card
Distance: 6 ½ miles
Observation: My dealer washes my car whenever he works on it. Wouldn’t it be cool if bike shops did the same with your bike?


Errand #6: My Office
Date: March 11
Category: Work (#1)
Distance: 30 miles
Observation: I was pretty pleased that the new fair weather commuters were all well behaved today. No one buzzed me too closely. Except for the two loonies, people were smiling.


Errand #7: My office
Date: March 12
Category: Work (#2)
Distance: 15 miles
Observation: Sunrises are a drug


Errand #8: Meeting at the Government Center
Date: March 13
Category: Community Meeting (#1)
Distance: 15 miles
Observation: Thanks to the people who spoke up about the bicycle lanes at the meeting. My guess is that there were about 10 people who spoke up for bicycle and pedestrian issues.


Errand #9: Bananas!
Date: March 13
Category: Grocery Store (#1)
Distance: 15 miles
Observation: I am shocked at how well my back and hip responded to today’s ride. Of course, it could be the case that I am so jacked up on Vitamin I that I can’t feel a thing. Or maybe I am getting better. I’ll know when I quit taking the Vitamin I in a couple of days.


Errand #10: Friday Coffee Club
Date: March 14
Category: Community Meeting (#1)
Distance: 15 miles
Observation: If the gods have a choice between having you collide with birds or a dump truck, pray for the birds. Otherwise they will make you wear a funny hat.


Errand #11: Tubes
Date: March 16
Category: Bike Shop (#1)
Distance: 4.5 miles
Observation: Support your local bike shop.


Errand #12: Gary’s Lunch Box
Date: March 16
Category: Lunch (#2)
Distance: 4 miles
Observation: Corvette drivers who pass cyclists within 2 feet will rot in hell.


Total distance: 124 miles

Thanks MG for getting us off our late winter butts and out on our bikes.

3 thoughts on “Errandonnee Challenge Control Sheet

  1. Very good job on your errands. You have a 30 mile commute for work??? That is commitment. Mine is only about five depending on route. BTY, when there is a couple in a Corvette I have never seen the woman as the driver. Maybe a Corvette won’t even start unless there is a dick involved.
    “Sunrises are a drug” I like that
    Jim Bangs

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