Back to Clipless

Today I returned to my back doctor. For the last five days my back has felt pretty normal. My back doctor checked out my MRI. I have a moderate bulging disc that is the likely cause of my recent problems.

We don’t know if my back is getting better or the medications are keeping me out of pain. There is only one way to find out. I am gradually tapering my medications for the next week or so. If my back problems return, I’ll go back to the doctor for a cortisone shot. If they don’t return, I’ll call the doctor and tell him thanks.

Among my recurring symptoms are a burning sensation in my left hip and an aching sensation in my left knee. They hurt enough that they wake me up at anout 5 every morning. So I decided to give clipless pedals a try. I know three people who use Speedplay Frog pedals and they all swear by them.

Frogs on Big Nellie

Yesterday I got the left pedal off my bike and installed a Frog pedal in its place. The right pedal simply would no t budge. After my doctor appointment, I took Big Nellie to Spokes Etc. at Belle Haven. Fred, one of the mechanics there, has been working on my bikes for over 25 years. He pulled out a long pedal wrench and had the old pedal off in less than 20 seconds.

When I got the bike home, I took the bike out for a trial ride. I did 20 miles and didn’t fall over once. I think I need to tweak the left pedal cleat because my foot was a little achy after the ride.

I liked the feel of these pedals after only ten miles. My hope is the foot ache will go away when I move the cleat forward a bit.


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