The State Slacker

I’m here in Greenfield In preparing yo move my daughter back into college at Butler University. In my day (he says wagging his knarled index finger) we moved on crowded Boston streets on an oppressively hot and muggy Labor Day. The weather here couldn’t be better.

After the move is complete we’ll head to Columbus IN (or maybe Columbia, I’m new around here) to check out some eclectic architecture. Then it’s off to the middle of northern IN to check in with the in laws.

My hope is to ride Little Nellie (currently folded in the trunk of my car) to Kankakee IL to check out some Frank Lloyd Wright houses and add Illinois to my list of biked states.

Irony alert: yesterday I wore my red 50 States ride shirt. Whenever I stopped for a break during the 10 hour drive somebody approached me and asked “You rode your bike in every state!”

Truth be told I’ve only ridden in 14 states. I’m a state slacker. So I gotta up my game.

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