Turn Left at Greenland

During the press conference scene in “A Hard Days Night,” a reporter asks the Beatles “How did you find America?” John Lennon replied, “Turn left at Greenland.” I was curious as to how people find my blog. Lucky for me the WordPress software provides a list of search terms.  Here are a few choice ones:

Racher Godshave (What I would be called if I were a Game of Thrones character)

Feel shy when I moan boy (Must have been an interesting night or my next hit single)

Queen no more rack (The b side)

Where can you buy bicycle spokes in Sweden (Turn left at Malmo)

Why does my blockhead have wheels above her head (My blockhead would be a she, now, wouldn’t she?)

Speeding turtle (okay, this one is pretty descriptive of my riding style)

Neil Finn dyslexia (His new CD? Features the song “Dream Don’t Over It”)

Kirsten Holin Vernon (Possibly the best supergroup ever)

Name of the slowest bike in the world (Now wait a minute!)

Shy Naked Caged Woman (I’m speechless)

and, perhaps, the title of my next post:

Mount Vernon Man Blows Trail





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