Call Me Euthymic

I went to a brand new doctor this week. He gave me a short test to see if I was depressed. In his notes he said I was euthymic. I went to a fancy pants (literally, it was a military school) high school with lots of vocabulary tests. FN, one of my English teachers, would have called euthymic a $1 word. Do you know what it means?

Before I reveal the answer to today’s quiz, I’ll tell you a little story. My father was an ophthalmologist. Every morning, before I dragged my lazy butt out of bed, he was at the hospital doing rounds. One morning he walked by a patient’s room. She was asleep. Not wanting to disturb her he asked a nurse exiting the room, “How’s she doing this morning?” The nurse replied, “Quite well. She’s vocalizing.”

My father asked the nurse if it was show tunes or opera. The nurse didn’t get it.

Today, was a weird day. I kept seeing Facebook messages from extremes and it was driving me. One minute a post would pop up paying tribute to my friend’s friend who died suddenly last week. The next, a picture would appear showing one of my #bikedc friends having a blast as a member of a wedding party. Sadness. Glee. Sadness. Glee.

On my ride home, I saw this scene which made my day

Cobble Bride

Now back to our quiz. Euthymic means that I was in a normal, run-of-the-mill good mood. Medicine would be cheaper if they used 25 cents words instead of $1.

Despite his use of arcane language, my new doctor is a real find. He is my third doctor (the other two are eye doctors) who rides a bike. He also does yoga and urged me to do a 60 to 90 minute session at least once a week. He even tried to demonstrate a balancing position before teetering into the examination table. So we’re going to get along fine.

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