My Right Foot No. 5 – So Much for Acupuncture

It was a snowy day today and I didn’t much feel like driving in the chaos that developed on the unplowed streets near DC. I worked from home. At 2:15 I gave myself 1:!5 minutes to get to the acupuncturist. It should normally take half that time. Wouldn’t you know it, the roads were clear and devoid of cars.

The acupuncturist asked how I was doing and I said my foot was still numb. Then he asked about my back and my arm and shoulder. Both had been bothering me. He went to work on my back and my shoulder with gusto, even attaching electro stimulation thingies to my shoulder. I was face down for 30 minutes with my arm muscles twitching.

After that he turned me over and did more work on my shoulder. He was about to leave the room when I reminded him about my foot. He put some lubricant on the sole of my foot (the first time he did this) and I flinched. It tickled. He tried again and I flinched again. He stopped and said that I needed to get some magnesium cream and work out all the nodules in my foot. Then he walked out of the room.

Suffice it to say, I am not confident that this is a pathway to success. So, barring a significant change, I am going to a neurologist next week. Back to conventional medicine.

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