A Pebble in the Water

A year ago today the world lost an important person. She wasn’t famous or well-to-do. Maybe your path crossed hers as she wended her way about the DC area to school, to her internship, to home, to her volunteering activities, or to meet with her friends.

Lorena could command a room with her determination. She could make you feel loved with her radiant smile. Sometimes she would do both at once.

I knew her mostly second hand from a mutual friend who loved her dearly.

Lore and Flor

Shortly, after her death, her friends and family held a secular memorial celebration at  American University (where she was to earn her Bachelor’s Degree postumously in May 2015).

Through incredible heartbreak came the moving testimonials of her husband, her mother, her four “soul sisters”, and other friends. She was a force of nature who loved fiercely. A few months later her husband told me that they had thought of themselves as pebbles in the water:

“…to encourage all who may be struggling/stuck to open themselves up to making the impossible possible…in their lives.”

As one testimonial after another revealed, Lorena lived this simply by giving her time, attention, and love to her friends in need.

So every day, I think about her. I think about how she helped so many people, how she was going to college so she could help many, many more in the career she never got to have.

And I suppose her pebble has moved me, too.

Lorena's Recipe for Living on My White Board at Work
Lorena’s Recipe for Living on My White Board at Work

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