Clinchmas Take II

Well, the baseball gods decided to test my patience. The Mets won and the Nationals lost in 12 innings last night. Thus, we are right where we were yesterday. The division title could be clinched tonight but only of the Mets lose and the Nationals win. If I had my act together, I’d drive to Pittsburgh (about five hours from here) and watch the game live. Alas, my act has been in pieces for a couple of decades.

I am planning on going to the game Monday night here in DC. There is a chance (if the Mets keep winning and the Nats keep losing) that the clinching will take place then. My real reason for going is that I am working from home on Tuesday. When I take in a night game, I don’t get to bed until 1 am. Thus I get about 5 hours of sleep which makes bike commuting (and work) a rather groggy affair. I’ll probably take in one or two more games before the regular season ends next weekend. Then it’s on to some other past time until April. I am not a big fan of winter so I need to get creative.

Maybe I need some winter. My whole body feels worn out. I am stiff in my back and legs. So today I am staying off the bike and doing chores like mowing the lawn and washing the deck. I have a big book that Mrs. Rootchopper gave me for my birthday in August. It’s not all hot and muggy outside so I think I’ll take my reading out on the patio. There may be beer involved.

On a completely unrelated note, somebody cut the sword off the statue of Joan of Arc in Meridian Hill Park. This park, also called Malcolm X Park, is a real jewel. I go there sometimes when I am riding in the city, just to relax, eat lunch, and watch the crazy quilt of humanity. The suburbs just don’t have parks with as much joie de vivre. Mostly they have noisy families and stinky grills. Doesn’t do much for me.






One thought on “Clinchmas Take II

  1. Living and dying with my Seattle Mariners right now, after a 15 year hiatus from the post season, longest in MLB, they are oh so close and yet still too far. Last night they turned a 4-2 lead in the 6th into a 8-4 loss to the ‘Stros and instead of getting to within 1 game of a wildcard they stayed 2 back with 5 to go. Sigh, its a roller coaster but its beats playing out the string the last week in September (or last 4 weeks of September) as they have for the majority of the last 15 seasons.

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