Any Road Tour: Day 39 – Detour

Today was supposed to be an easy 54 miles of relatively level terrain. Just the thing for my tired legs and bloated belly (I totally overdid dinner last night).

I found my way out of Great Falls and across the Missouri River on a bike/ped bridge.

along a nondescript highway to Vaughn where is was greeted with this sign.

This road is the last 20 miles to Augusta, my planned destination.

I decided to continue on to Simms at the beginning of that last 20 mile stretch and then consider my options.

It was a pleasant enough ride into a not-too-annoying headwind.

In Simms I consulted the local gas station for information. He said a couple on bikes made it through a few days ago but could not say I’d be allowed passage over a partially washed out bridge.

We called s couple of places in Augusta but nobody was certain I could get over the bridge.

We all agreed the safe thing to do would be to ride north to Fairfield then west then south to Augusta. This would be an additional 17 miles.

Off I went into a cross wind. When I made the turn west I got clobbered with one of Montana’s soul sucking headwinds.

Whatever. It is what it is. Just keep on pedaling.

Then, unlike the original route, it got very hilly.

This went on for 15 miles then I came down off the hill. Eek!

Then up again. Then down again.

At least the view was interesting. (There was actually a road sign that said Rocky Mountains got the geographically impaired traveler.)

Fortunately the wind died down and I could ride into Augusta with relative ease.

In Augusta I checked into the Bunkhouse Inn. I was expecting a dive but this place is beautiful. Here’s the lobby.

I don’t want to leave but the restaurant across the street is calling me.

The proprietor of the Inn told me that Lincoln MT is having some festival tomorrow. Lincoln is the first town over Rogers Pass. The next one is Ovando, about 80 miles from here. Let by story short: tomorrow’s going to be brutal.

Miles: 71

Total miles: 2,904.5

4 thoughts on “Any Road Tour: Day 39 – Detour

  1. We loved the Bunkhouse! I wonder if it changed owners because they were thinking about selling when we were there. Good ice cream in the restaurant across the street.

    You need to stop in Lincoln, home of Ted Kaczynski, not that they advertise the fact.

    I forgot to comment on the springing deer you saw the other day. We saw them too, especially on the Broken O Ranch, which you may or may not have passed by today, what with your detour. We learned at the Bunkhouse that the owner of the Broken O doesn’t permit deer hunting on his land. There were certainly enough deer popping up and down in the corn to make it believable.

    Enjoy tomorrow. Take lots of water if it’s hot. We look forward to the selfie from the top. Tailwinds.

    1. Bunkhouse owner is Terry Lee. The detour was uninspiring but it got the job done. I am at the bar across the street. No sign of ice cream but the beer is good.

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