Any Road Tour: Day 52 – Going to the end of the line

I camped of the Skagit River in a surprising nice town park in Rockport Washington. I awoke at 4 sore in every joint and every vertebra in my body. Vitamin I to the rescue.

On the road by 6:20 and up a short steep hill to discover the town gas station was closed. No gas station breakfast for me. Sad face.

I rode 9 miles to Concrete. The Google directed me to a specialty bakery in town. I ordered hash and got a skillet. It was okay but not the gut bomb the day required.

Luckily the day required nothing but riding on a pool table into a sight headwind. I should have taken the highway and it’s smooth pavement but I followed my maps and endured chip seal for 30 miles.

As I approached my first salt waters, I saw big hills ahead. Anacortes has a little in common with San Francisco, I’m afraid.

Luckily the route maps took me around the hills and into downtown. I spent 45 minutes riding out to the ferry terminal just to say I rode to the end of the line. Vancouver Island and the San Juans will have to wait.

I am pooped!

Fortunately my high school classmate Tim Jones lives about 50 miles from here and has offered me some R&R.

A very large mountain (Rainer, I think) looms over this place and makes me feel like a poser. Damn, it’s big.

I rode back up town for food and a celebratory drink. Road Trip pale ale was on tap.

Now it’s time to find a room.

Miles: 66

Trip Miles: 3,740.5

8 thoughts on “Any Road Tour: Day 52 – Going to the end of the line

  1. That may be Mt Shuksan you are looking at if its east and a bit north of Anacortes , Rainier was out and brilliant today but its about 90 miles due south of Anacortes, and a bit more snow cone shaped, Rest well sir you have earned it.

      1. Well we do have a ton of mountains around here, you could have also been seeing Mount Baker which is north east of Anacortes. I don’t think I’ve said it yet but you have done Washington to Washington (district to State) by bike, an astounding accomplishment Chapeau!!!

        I am sure your adventure cycling maps have good routes to get you to/through Seattle, if you want to Speed things up you can take the Centennial trail which covers 30 miles of the distance between Anacortes to Seattle ( based on google maps the total distance between cities is about 96 “bike” miles

        If you are going Seattle to Portland you can also look up the STP route on although I would avoid that this weekend unless you want to ride with your 10,000 best friends and you won’t find a free campsite or hotel room along the route either on the 14th and 15th, might be a good plan to hang out on Camino Island. Seattle to Portland by bike is about 200 miles. Rolling hills mostly and one “Big hill” on the STP route that is nothing compared to what you have done over the last 3 days.

        I advise rest and beer sampling ;-). If you are going through Seattle after the 15th I would be happy to provide support/lodging/beer

  2. That should be a gorgeous ride and imho no visit to western WA is complete without a ferry ride.

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