No Name Tour: Day 28 – Listening to My Body

After three 8,000+ foot summits, my body was really tired. I slept hard again.

After motel breakfast I hit the road, heading south in the general direction of Telluride.

I knew I was riding slightly uphill, so I decided to take in the scenery and plod along at 9 mph. The temperature was comfortable and the winds were light.

The scenery just doesn’t quit

Enough hops to make mucho IPAs

I spotted a coffee shop along the road at Colons don I took a break and had a coffee and a doughnut.

A customer in the shop started chatting with me. She recommended that I not follow the Western Express route over Lizard Head pass and ride off route to the town of Norwood instead. I am always wary of taking route advice from non- cyclists; the terrain looks different from behind the wheel of s car. I thanked her and we both hit the road for Ridgway.

The terrain was slightly hillier but not granny worthy. The lack of a shoulder and the idiots driving campers made sure I was adequately stimulated.

The last three miles into town were on a concrete trail. It went along a river, through a marsh, and into town. A big improvement over the highway.

I stopped at the town bike shop and talked to Nate about the Norwood thing. He agreed that it was a better route that would also bypass Dolores, CO.

Nate of Ridgway Wrench Bike Shop

I’ll see how I feel after riding through Dallas Divide, an 8,900 foot pass before Lizard Head.

During my ride today I never felt right. My right thigh cramped a few times and I felt light headed. I think my body is tying yo tell me something.

After talking with Nate I decided to have an early lunch and see if I felt like riding on. Lunch made me feel better but I was still a little lightheaded. I checked into a motel and called it a day.

Miles today: 28

Tour miles: 1,647

3 thoughts on “No Name Tour: Day 28 – Listening to My Body

  1. Absolutely the right call to rest and relax, then you’ll feel rejuvenated for more riding another day. I second enjoying your reports, and that you even write after long days in the saddle is amazing.

  2. You are wise sir and not in a hurry rest is a good call. You are doing Tour De France summits these days they just don’t have names like Alpe De Huez, Ventoux, Galibier or Tourmalet. Impressive.

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