July 2019 in the books

Ever since the tour ended I’ve had no energy. I can ride a bike all day but I have to overcome the urge to take a nap. I managed to bang out 889 miles this month. The end of the tour accounted for 328 miles. I twice took three days off in a row, which rarely happens. My longest ride was 93 1/2 miles from about 8,000 feet to near sea level from Caples Lake to Sacramento. (There were three climbs each ending above 7,000 feet during the descent.)

Since I came home my longest ride has been 86 miles to see some sunflowers.

My left knee and hip and shoulder are aching again. All are worse than they were before the tour. I may have to shut things down when the weather gets cold. Aging sucks.

My total mileage for the year is 6,445 1/2. Only 853 of that was on Big and Little Nellie. I am considering selling one or both.

I have only signed up for one fall ride, the 50 State Ride on September 7. I may do the Tour of Mount Vernon again (since I won a free pass in a raffle at last year’s ride). Or the Great Pumpkin Ride in Warrenton. I hope to do a few hikes, too. Time will tell.

On to August and my Sgt. Pepper birthday.


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