Bike Commute 40: Go Green Stamp

Tomorrow is Earth Day. I don’t know who decides these things but it would be swift if they’d look at a calendar before holding Earth Day on Good Friday.

To avoid the conflict, we celebrated Earth Day today at my office. The festivities were tied to a new set of Go Green postage stamps, one of which says “Ride a Bike”. Some of my bike commuting co-workers and I gave out materials promoting cycling. The hottest item was the Washington DC Bicycle Maps. We ran out.

We gave away a one-year membership to Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) and many, many one-day trial coupons. Virtually everyone I talked to thought CaBi is an excellent idea. We’d have given away more CaBi materials but for the fact that so many of our co-workers live well beyond the CaBi network.

I was a little disappointed in the lukewarm response to the Bike to Work Day brochures (even after I told people that they’d get free food and coffee at the pit stops). I’ve done Bike to Work day 5 of the last 7 years and would have done all 7 if not for being out of town. I admit that I feel a little like W. C. Fields Charlie Sheen on New Years Eve when I ride to work on B2WD. (Come to think of it, I look a little like him too.)

We shared our display table with Kate, the “Take a Walk” person. I think I convinced her to try bike commuting from her home in Cleveland Park to our office at L’Enfant Plaza. It’s a piece of cake, Kate! (Pay no attention to that climb up to Calvert Street on the way home. It builds character – and thighs.)

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