Bike Commute 41: The Holey Sweater

I don’t have any idea which is older, this sweater or this bike. They are both nothing much to look at but have served me well for years and years. (Actually I think this sweater may date back to the days when Bill Cosby wore sweaters on his sitcom. It’s old!)

The holey sweater is my insulating layer for winter bike riding. It is made of very soft wool. Any time the temperature falls below 45 degrees, I break out the holey sweater. I rode home today in the rain on a 40 something degree day into a headwind. I was completely comfortable the entire way.

I don’t much care that this sweater has holes in it. It’s normally worn under my rainproof Marmot Precip jacket so nobody sees it. I’ll keep wearing it until it falls apart.

Before you think about springing for that nice merino wool sweater for your cold-weather biking, ride to a thrift shop and buy a holey sweater. Spend the money you save on hot cocoa.

One thought on “Bike Commute 41: The Holey Sweater

  1. That rainy cold day was a raw day to ride, huh?! I had a cup of tea followed by a cup of hot chocolate when I got home! Hard to believe that we had temps up to 90 on Easter Sunday! That's D.C. weather for you! Good you have your old trusty & holy (holey!) sweater to see you through on those raw days! 🙂

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