Bike Commute 116: Orange You Glad I Rode

It was a nearly perfect autumn day to be riding a bike to and from work.  Maybe the near perfection had to do with the traffic jam I witnessed on the way home on the GW Parkway. At one point, cars were bottled up by a broken down ambulance. A half mile later a nasty rear end collision had left a couple of cars all smashed up. I didn’t bother to take pictures since I see these sorts of ties ups with disturbing regularity.  A mile farther on I spotted a guy riding toward me with what looked like a sculpture. It was a shiny new bike frame that he had slung around his head and neck.  I didn’t get a picture of that either.  It wasn’t the first time I’d seen a guy riding with a frame on his head and neck.  You get used to unusual things when riding your bike to work on the Mount Vernon Trail.

Big Nellie gets color coordinated

Since I try to take a picture each day that I ride to work, I decided to pull out my camera and get busy.  Nothing interesting caught my eye.  There seemed to be an unusual amount of orange on my bike so I took a picture of that.  The bottle came from the Backroads Century.  The bell was provided by New Belgium Brewery at the 50 States Ride. Two mementos of 2 great rides. The bell replaces my little black bell which made a dainty “ding”. This one goes “Ka-Ching!”  It will take some getting used to.  Having completed my daily picture chore, I enjoyed the ride through Old Town.  As I was making my way into Fairfax County on the trail I did a triple take. It looked like, no it couldn’t be, yes it is. An orange poodle! Bizarre.  The woman who was holding his leash said he was dyed pink a month ago. Go figure.

Don’t feed you dog cheetos.

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