Cold as a Goose

You know that if Canada geese are miserable, it’s cold outside. They were and it was. I rode in anyway. I suppose this means that your average Canada goose has more common sense than me. You can add ducks and herons to that assessment while you’re at it.

I toyed with the idea of adding some thermal protection to my personal parts this morning. I have these oversized synthetic socks that are pretty warm. They are about two feet long. I thought about putting one in my shorts. Then I realized that I might actually have to explain pulling two feet of green fabric out of my underwear in the locker room at work. I’m not self conscious about much but pulling two feet of sock out of my drawers is well over the line in my book.

It was lonely out there this morning on the Mount Vernon Trail. The air temperature was actually lower than yesterday morning but there was very little wind so Big Nellie and I made decent time. I had to weave through the Catholic SUVs at St. Mary’s School for the Prevention of Polar Icecaps. The cold made the SUVs somewhat docile so that none of them tried to eat me.

The ride through Old Town and up the Mount Vernon Trail was actually quite pleasant. I tried using chemical hand warmers in my mittens. This helped a little but I think it would be wise to use these things within two years of purchase. The wind picked up when I cleared National Airport but it was still tolerable, except to the water fowl. The geese and ducks were bobbing in the river close to the river bank in a big mass. I can’t imagine this clustering of birds adds any warmth to their bodies. Misery loves company even among ducks and geese.

A little further on where I saw a great blue heron cowering in the cold on the river’s edge, I saw the same heron with another a few feet away. The second heron looked every bit as cold as the first. I am no bird expert but I do believe great blue herons are not cold weather creatures. They should be down in the Okeefenokee Swamp. Too late now.

I survived the Rosslyn Circle of Certain Death today both coming and going. Some days I get lucky.

I left work a little late and still had a few minutes of daylight. I do believe I could get use to this. Despite the cold the ride home was pretty darnn enjoyable. There were a few bike commuters out but no ninjas. Ninjas are wimps. There were several people running and walking on the trail but they were wearing reflective clothing and were easy to spot. I cut the corner on my evening commute. My total mileage was a little over 28 miles for the day.

Tonight, it may snow. It could snow an inch. Strangely, the local TV stations have yet to go to Def Con One. I like to ride while it’s snowing. Once the snow gets packed down, it becomes impractical to ride. 28 miles in the snow simply takes to much time. I might actually have to drive to work. What is this world coming to?

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