Lazy Saturdays Don’t Stop El Gran Errando!

Big Nellie, my Tour Easy recumbent uses a Sigma bike computer. I bought the Sigma because it has a long cable wire, which is necessary for the long reach between the handlebar and the little front wheel. The particular version I have attaches to the handlebar mount using an o-ring. My 0-ring broke earlier this week causing me to use my spare o-ring. You might think it’s a bit anal to have a spare o-ring but iit took some trial and error to figured our what size to get (45). It’s a hassle I didn’t want to repeat. Besides o-rings weight next to nothing. (Of course, following this logic, I carry an appalling amount of crap on my bike rides.)

Little Nellie at Hollin Hall

Errand 9: O Rings and SIgma Computer

The hardware store is in the same shopping center as my pharmacy. It’s a 2 /12 mile round trip.  I learned that blue jeans make for pretty comfortable cycling in 38 degree weather. I wouldn’t want to ride a century in them but for short trips like this, they are every bit as comfortable as biking clothes.

I nearly ran out of ground coffee this morning so I rode to the Safeway from the hardware store. The Safeway is about a block away in the same shopping center as the hardware store. Note that the bike parking at this Safeway is pathetic.

Errand 10: Little Nellie at the Safeway

The ride home was a breeze. I spent the next ten minutes re-setting my odometer. It has 31,606 miles on it so I didn’t want to lose track of those miles. I neglected to right down the wheel size I was using so I looked it up on Sheldon Brown’s website. He’s awfully helpful for someone who died several years ago.

So that makes errrands number 9 and 10, in the Other type of store and Grocery store categories.  There’s only a few days left.  I have two rides to go. One has to be at night. I’ve done Work, Personal Care, Grocery, Lunch, Other store, and Bike store.  I need to do one more category to get the requisitve seven, but since there is a wild card category I can pretty much ride anywhere to qualify.

Even if I don’t dot all the ‘i”s and cross all the “t”s in the Challenge, it’s been fun to keep track of how many errands I run on my bike.  It’s pretty much the norm for me. You should try it.

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