The Hapless Hispanisto

Weatherman was using the s word this morning so Little Nellie got that call. It could have been an unwise decision since there was frost on the cars parked in front of my house.  Once I got to the Mount Vernon Trail all the bridges were coated in rime.  As both faithful readers of this blog know, Little Nellie is not particularly good at riding on slippery stuff.  I was uber careful and made it over the scary bits without incident.
The sunrise was pretty intense this morning. I think the temperature popped up a few degrees because I went from chilly at the start of the ride to sweaty by the half way point.  Speaking of halfway points, as I approached the power plant, I intersected with none other than Nancy Duley.  Normally we pass each other in opposite directions but since I left early to get to Friday Coffee Club I got a bonus. Nancy was riding alone because the evil and heartless Mr. Nancy Duley rode off without her. Nancy and I rode together to the airport. All the way, Nancy was cussing the Mr. up something fierce!!  (Okay, just kidding. Don’t want to start a divorce after they spent all that money on new doors for the house.)
Nancy has an awesome bike.  The frame is a custom Holland frame from 1993 (the same age as The Mule). It’s got nifty looking fenders and a trekking style handlebar. Nancy must be tempted to just keep on riding every morning.  Since she has a job and a mortgage (and new doors!) she turned around at the airport and headed for home. (Or so she said.  She could have continued on to Fredericksburg as far as I know.)
Coffee Club was hopping.  It’s my first FCC meeting in four weeks. It was especially nice to see the early birds, Mary, Lisa, Crystal and Adam, who normally are gone by the time I arrive. Froggie, a.k.a. the Bad Penny, was in from Norfolk.  And John, the dirt engineer, appeared, but left his beard at home. It was an effective disguise.
He reports that he is hard at work on the 2nd Annual Hoppy 100.
It’s always fun to meet new folks at FCC and Ricky and Colin were this week’s noobs.  Welcome.
As is so often the case, the highlight of FCC is getting to play a bit with Hugo.  Hugo’s around 8 months old and words cannot do justice to his cuteness.
On the ride to Rosslyn, Little Nellie had to stop and take in the strange wooden beasts in front of the Kennedy Center.  I do not have an art gene, but I am guessing that some creative type person thought it would be spiffy to put a herd of wooden elk in front of the Kennedy Center. The Kennedy’s were known elk lovers. They had elk races at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport until an elk got drunk and ran off a bridge and drowned. You could look it up.
If the morning was cool-ish the afternoon and evening were warm-ish. It was 61 degrees at lunchtime. I celebrated by walking several blocks to a sandwich stop.  On the way back to the office, a sky blue Porsche blew through a yield sign at a crosswalk that I was about to enter. The driver was on his cell phone. I slapped the rear panel of his car as he went by. He didn’t look or care. Some day Mr. Sky Blue Porsche will be spending oodles of money on a defense attorney after he hits a pedestrian. How much money? Obviously, if you have to ask you can’t afford it.
I relate the Porsche story partly because of what happened in Old Town on the way home.
The trip home was characterized by two things. First, I wore shorts. In February. Lordy, it felt good. Second, a weather front was approaching. There was a clear line of ominous clouds coming, When I started for home, I had a headwind. By the time I reached the airport, the wind was gusting from behind. They should make a rule that requires that the best tailwind of the week happens on Friday evenings,
On my way along North Union Street in Old Town, I spotted a woman runner on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street. She was heading south like me. As we reached a parking garage, an exiting car came inches from hitting her. She and the driver exchanged words. She told the driver that it was okay since the sight lines are terrible.  Mighty magnanimous of her after the driver nearly killed her.
As far as errandonnee activity, I diverted 2 1/2 miles from my commute for FCC so I get a Coffee run as errand number 8 (I think). My total errandonneering mileage is well over 60 miles. I hope to do two some more errands this weekend.
Mary, the Mother of all Errandeurs, suggested that I change my errandonneuring moniker from El Errandonisto Grande to El Gran Errando.  Since EGE is a better set of initials than EEG, which makes it look like I have serious neurological problems, I am switching to El Gran Errando.
Life would have been much easier if I had taken Spanish instead of French in high school.
“C’est la vie,” say the old folks. It goes to show you never can tell.

One thought on “The Hapless Hispanisto

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one keeping an old-but-dearly-loved bike employed. It was slick this morning out in Reston, too, but by lunch time it was glorious.

    Nice photos — BIG ELK! Perhaps you can convince the High Priestess of Errandonneuring that merely spotting and photographing those elk counts as an errand — either a mental health moment or (wait for it)…REALLY BIG CARIBOU COFFEE.

    I crack myself up. Happy Riding!

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