A Regular Tuesday

Is started the day by almost choking on my breakfast. The Washington Post had a big picture of people doing acroyoga. The man on the bottom holding a woman aloft was Raphael, who did the same for my friend Flor a couple of years ago.

With the threat of rain in the afternoon, I switched to The Mule for the bike commute. It was an unusual ride in one regard, I passed seven regulars. That may be some kind of record. It started with the Hoppy Guy, a runner with an awkward hop in his stride. Next up, just outside the Beltway was the Three Step Runner, so named because she runs three steps then walks several before running three steps more. In Jones Point Park, the Hardware Store Man came rolling by on his Serotta. Next up was Nancy “One Bag” “Wave Crash” Duley veering off of Union Street as I approached. I would have been offended but she yelled out at me that I had surprised her by not riding Big Nellie.

Near National Airport, I passed the Trash Walker who had two hands full of trash. Our special guest this morning was Grafxnerd Clone, who reminds me of Laura (@grafxnerd) on Twitter) from Friday Coffee Club.

Although not a regular, Joe (@josephlrc) from Friday Coffee Club made an extra special guest appearance near National Airport. He surprised me so I didn’t get to say “Hello” or do the nod the head thing.

The ride home looked like it might be a wet one, but the rains had passed and I was treated to my second tailwind of the day. I survived the mad streets of Rosslyn. As I turned onto the bike path, Shawn (@shawnofthedread) appeared.

The ride home was uneventful but for a cute field mouse that reminded me of our late great dwarf hamster, Deuce. Oh, and the six Swedish bikini girls who called out to me in Belle Haven Park. I made that up. Belle Haven Park was decidedly uninviting because it still smelled like a sewer.

On the long gradual uphill near the Morningside bald eagle nest, a man on a Lightning recumbent sped past me. I have bent envy.

Northdown Road was a muddy mess, but the road crew was still at work. They waved me through. My chain skipped annoyingly on the hill up to the stone bridge. I have a new chain and cassette so this should not have happened.

I arrived home about 10 minutes earlier than usual, thanks to the push from Mother Nature. I wish tailwinds were a regular

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