Wind, No Wind

Yesterday was a dream of a summer day. Low humidity and a nice breeze made it feel like late September rather than late July. Of course, I worked from home forgoing the bestest damn bike commuting weather of the year.

Fortunately, today was nearly as nice. I rode on Big Nellie into a respectable headwind.  My panniers contents included my work laptop which feels like its made out of lead when it’s in a pannier on my bike. So my pace was rather geriatric. Otherwise, I felt great. I even spotted Nancy “One Bag” “Crash Wave” “Bridge Troll” Duley spinning into Old Town from the north.

It was such a nice ride that I didn’t have the heart to exert myself so I put it on autopilot and did my 12 mile per hour thing. Suddenly, I was at the office. Boo.

During the day, congestion built in my lungs. I have been dealing with this on and off for months. My doctor said it’s allergies so a couple of weeks ago I stopped taking antihistamines to see if it got worse. No difference. Hmmm.

When I left work, my head was stuffy and I felt a little woozy. Big Nellie felt like the front wheel was wobbly. After a couple of miles of riding, my head returned to normal but my chest congestion remained. Riding with this congestion is misery as I found during a ride to Baltimore and back several weeks ago.

It occurred to me what might be causing my problem. About a year ago, a pipe started leaking in the wall in my office. The building maintenance people fixed the leak but I wonder if maybe there is some mold growing in the dry wall. That would explain why I had no symptoms after three days away from the office. I am going to ask the building manager to check it out tomorrow. And I am going to the doctor next week for a referral to an appropriate specialist.

Even my physical problems couldn’t take away from the joy of riding in this weather. 

South of Belle Haven Park I noticed that overgrowth along the side of the trail that had reduced the trail to one usable lane on a couple of curves had been cut back. The National Park Service was alerted to the problem earlier in the day by none other than Nancy Duley. My hats off to you One Bag.

The Mayo Clinic website suggested that non-drowsy antihistamines are likely to be ineffective to a mold allergy, but the old fashioned drowsy kind may work. So I popped a couple of Benedryls a few minutes ago. Let’s see if they make me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.zzvvvvvv

3 thoughts on “Wind, No Wind

  1. Yea I am pretty allergic to mold and it makes me feel similar. Hopefully there is no mold or, if there is, it gets taken care of ASAP!

  2. Yikes! Mold allergy is nothing to play around with. Glad you’re getting it checked, and if it’s found, make sure they set you up immediately with a work station ELSEWHERE!

    Also, it may help your symptoms if you quit grains. I know, that means no Friday apple fritter, but it might be worth forgoing until you can at least nail down the cause of your allergy.

    Hope you feel better.

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