Just Another Boy on the MVT

After yesterday’s bout of miserable chest congestion, I popped an evening Benedryl and my symptoms disappeared in about one hour. I woke up in pretty decent shape and headed out on Big Nellie. I had  little congestion on the way to work but nothing that slowed me down. The weather was once again splendid so no complaints here.

At the office I asked for building maintenance to check my office for mold. They responded within an hour.  They took down ceiling panels and removed my white board from the wall where a leak had occurred,  No sign of mold anywhere. They decided to increase the size of the air return in my office while they were there,

The day went without any noticeable change in my breathing.  I decided not to call the doctor until I had some symptoms to display.

The ride home began with two commuter buses gumming up the traffic (and the bike lane) outside my office. That’s okay Loudonites, your cops can harass cyclists but you don’t respect the laws in Arlington.

I took the right onto the trail that connects the Custis Trail to the Mount Vernon Trail. Paramedics where blocking the trail, preparing to take a man, who appeared to be a runner, out on a stretcher. He apparently had some sort of seizure. A passing bicyclist had called 911 and stayed with him offering moral support.  This is the second time I’ve seen the Arlington paramedics on this section of the trail and I am very impressed with their calm and professionalism.Image

The rest of the ride featured the occasional sprinkle but the skies didn’t look too nasty. At Gravelly Park near National Airport a long line of Mennonites, of all ages, sat along the edge of the trail watching planes taking off and landing. They probably got the idea from Wayne’s World. I liked the look of wonder that I got from a little boy with his straw, wide brimmed hat as Big Nellie and I rolled by. His eyes said “WOW!”Image

The rest of the ride home was a little faster than yesterday. It’s amazing what a little oxygen in your lungs can do for your speed. South of Old Town, I took the Park Terrace and Ridgecrest hill instead of the Mount Vernon Trail. I hit 34 miles per hour on the Park Terrace section this morning. The ride up was about 30 miles per hour slower.

I arrived at home and decided not to water the gardens. Good choice. In 20 minutes the clouds darkened and a downpour commenced. I was inside breathing easy.

2 thoughts on “Just Another Boy on the MVT

  1. Wow! That is some ride home!! When I came up the custis there were still emergency lights visible far ahead at the Intersection of Doom. But when I got there, they had cleared out.

    Funny comment about the Loundonites. Preach it brother!

    Does your office smell musky in any way?? Do you shower at work? Do the showers smell like a locker room (they should not)? What about your towel? One of the biggest trick is zoning in on your trigger – mine was hockey gear – get rid of the hockey gear and get rid of the allergic induced asthma!

  2. You just never know what you’re going to see out there, do you? I must say I do appreciate the irony of Mennonites admiring an amazing technological achievement – a modern airport.

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