Ultrarunnergirl at Friday Coffee Club

DSCN2515 by Rootchopper
DSCN2515, a photo by Rootchopper on Flickr.

Today, I finally got Big Nellie back on the road. I headed straight for Swings House of Caffeine and Friday Coffee Club. I passed Nancy “Two Sheds” Duley and John “Hoppy 100” Roche heading the opposite way. Sadly, these two were putting work before pleasure. What were they thinking?

Ultrarunnergirl knows better. She has her priorities straight. Of course, a case could be made that anyone who voluntarily runs 50 miles on mountain trails in the summertime is a candidate for the nervous hospital. Lucky for her, Friday Coffee Club welcomes all. The club seems especially welcoming to redheads, of which there were three today (if you count me whose red hair is a mostly a memory).

So the next time you’re riding to work on Friday morning, swing by 17th and G Streets NW for some coffee and conversation. You’re sure to meet some nice people, like Ultrarunnergirl.

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