August by the Numbers

I have to say that I am a little surprised by my riding in August. I missed five days because of a car trip to Indiana. With the 26 other days of the month, I kept my stable of bikes pretty busy. I rode to work 18 out of 18 days (not counting one day of telecommuting). My parking space at work has grown some cobwebs this summer. (I haven’t used it since mid-June.) I had a false start with one commute when the chain on Big Nellie broke 6 miles from home. 

All but one of my 18 commutes were aboard The Mule. Big Nellie had the other one. Big Nellie spent most of the month in dry dock, because its manufacturer twice screwed up sending a replacement fork. First, they sent the fork to the wrong bike shop. (I am told by Tim at Bikes at Vienna that this isn’t the first time they have confused his shop with this particular other one. ) Then the sent a second fork to the right shop, but it was the wrong size. If not for Tim’s intervention, they’d be unaware that their inventory is messed up.

I did some casual rides, two of which were metric centuries (around 62 miles). One was aboard Little Nellie, the second was the Hoppy 100.

I rode 563 miles just getting to and from work. I did another 218 miles on the weekends. That’s a total of 781 miles for the month, and 4,444 for the year.  I ridden to work 119 times.


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