The weather in DC could not have been better for a late-winter bike ride. It was well over 60 degrees for most of the day. It is also the last day of spring break for my two kids who are home from college. We had planned to give our nine-year-old Accord to our daughter but that plan fell apart when we learned that the car needs $3,000 in repairs, mostly to its steering. So we spent the day test driving cars. We drove a Honda Fit which seemed okay. Then a Civic which we all liked. Next up was a Subaru Impreza which we all really liked. When school is over we plan on driving a couple more cars before making our decision. We picked up a brochure from the Subaru dealer and saw these interesting pictures

. IMG_0481 IMG_0480Can you imaging a Specialized or Trek bicycle brochure with pictures of people driving Subarus instead of riding bikes? Unbeknownst to Subaru, my daughter, like many new drivers, thinks bicycle are lame. We liked the car because it was fun to drive, well-designed and priced right.

4 thoughts on “Su-Bike-Ru

  1. I’ve noticed a huge increase in using bicycles in advertising over the past few years. Even at the Detroit Auto Show, the most auto-geeky show of shows, there was a bicycle on one of the cars. I think it really reflects a shift in cultural attitudes towards bicycling.

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