On the way home from work I saw a two geese waddling across the trail underneath the railroad bridge. Between them were some fuzzy green goslings. In front of them two mallards were waddling with a bunch of ducklings stumbling along behind them. These are the first goslings and ducklings of 2014 on the Mount Vernon Trail.

Later a big black snake slithered across the trail.

Near the Belle Haven nest, an osprey fought to maintain his perch in the face of a gusting wind.

Next up, in Belle Haven park, I spotted a big dead fish on the side of the trail. 

Another half mile later, a pair of migrating touring cyclists were heading north.

What did you see on your car commute?

One thought on “Critters

  1. I missed the big black snake, but was it by the power plant? I definitely saw a near 6′ one there last summer. I also saw the dead fish and haven’t figured it out quite yet. I think one of our many birds may have dropped it there? There is a decapitated young rate snake 2/3 of the way up the big hill on Beacon Hill Rd. Otherwise, the only interesting non-bird wildlife i’ve seen is a small baby turtle by LBJ Park section of MVT.

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