June by the Numbers

It was a big month. 

How big was it?

1,110.5 miles that’s how big. 582 miles were from bike commuting, the rest from weekend rides.

I started out the month riding Big Nellie, my Tour Easy recumbent for several days in a row, including five commutes. The rest of my rides, including 14 more commutes, were on Little Nellie, my New World Tourist. My long ride was 117.5 miles in a week that fell 0.5 miles short of 300 miles. 

My total mileage for the first half of the year is 3,798.5, including 2,163 miles riding to and from work 74 times. Even though I didn’t ride The Mule this month, my mileage is spread pretty evenly across my three bikes. 

I feel like I should drink a shower beer now.

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